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Trends in Embedded DRAM Technology, August 2015
(Gain Cell, 1T1C Cell, Sub-Systems, 1T-DRAM, FeDRAM)

Embedded DRAMs include: Gain cell eDRAMs, conventional 1T1C eDRAMs, Capacitorless floating body 1T eDRAMs, Ferroelectric eDRAMs and other novel eDRAMs. Gain cell eDRAMs use logic transistors for cells that are smaller than an SRAM and very low cost since they are fully compatible with scaled logic technologies. Reads are non-destructive. Improvements in retention, which reduce refresh energy, are being studied for gain cell eDRAMs along with improvements in read access time at low voltage.

1T1C eDRAM macros in FinFET/Trigate technology are being embedded in advanced processors. These macros have deep trench capacitors or stacked high-k MIM capacitors and are used in lower level cache for high density and in graphics applications for high bandwidth. Circuits and circuit techniques for improved performance, enhanced reliability, and on-chip test are being developed for use with 1T1C eDRAM macros.

Capacitorless (floating body) 1T eDRAMs made in FinFET/Trigate technology as well as in planar CMOS have small cells and tend to scale with the technology. 1T eDRAM cells with steep subthreshold swing have potential for lower power with supply voltage scaling below 1V. New 1T eDRAM cell structures are proposed.

4F2 1T FeDRAMs using ferroelectric HfO2 gate oxide have a simple cell, non-destructive read, long retention, reduced power and compatibility with CMOS logic. In addition, various novel eDRAM cells are being researched.

85+ pages.



Trends in Embedded DRAM Technology, August 2015

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Embedded DRAMs

2.0 Gain Cell eDRAMs

2.10 2T1D eDRAM with Local Voltage Sensing (Broadcom, Samsung, U. of Minnesota)

3.0 High Performance 1T1C eDRAMs

4.0 eDRAMs in Systems and Subsystems : Reliability, Test, Debug, ECC, Repair

5.0 1T-DRAMs / Capacitorless DRAMs

6.0 FeDRAMs

7.0 Innovative eDRAM Devices



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